Ultrasonic Imaging and Animal Reproduction

Ultrasonic Imaging and Animal Reproduction
Color-Doppler Ultrasonography
Book 4
By O. J. Ginther 
This is Book 4 in a series on ultrasonic imaging and reproductive events for applied and research examination of large animals (horses and cattle). Contents include: Arteries adn Haemodynamics, B-Mode and Doppler Ultrasonography, Producing Colour-Flow Images, Producing Spectral Graphs, Follicle Blood Flow, Luteal Blood Flow, Blood Flow in Uterus and Early Embryo, Blood Flow in Late Embryo and Fetus and Blood Flow of Male Genitalia. 319 images, 90 diagrams and photographs.

Covers all aspects of transrectal color-Doppler examination of the reproductive tracts in cattle and horses (both genders).

  • Vascular anatomy and hemodynamics
  • Color-Doppler principles
  • Instrument adjustments
  • Spectral (velocity) and color signals of blood flow
  • Clinical and research uses
  • Full color 258 pages, 319 images, 90 diagrams and photographs


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